Aviation is proof that, given the will, we have the
capacity to achieve the impossible.
- Eddie Rickenbacker
Chickasha Wings, Inc.
Have you ever dreamed about flying
through the beautiful skies of
Oklahoma?  We can make that dream a
reality.  We offer all levels of flight
instruction at an affordable rate. So,
whether you are looking forward to a
career as a pilot or just looking to get
away for the weekend, Chickasha Wings
has you covered!

Come meet our friendly staff and check
out all of the airplanes we offer for
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Chickasha Wings, Inc
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Private Pilot
Ground School
January 3!
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Congratulations to our recent solo and Checkride students!
11/12/2016 New Private Pilot Brandon
Tucker! Brandon is from North Carolina and
did most of his training in a Lark
Commander with his Grandpa. He finished
up with us in our Cherokee 140 and CFI
Jonah Karoki.
10/14/16 - Congratulations to Jonah
Karoki for passing his CFI checkride! Great
job Jonah!
11/9/16 - Congratulations to Alex
Lawson for completing his first solo and
Jonah Karoki for sending up his first solo
student! Great work guys!
11/1/16 - Congratulations to Kyle
Dellinger passing his Multi Engine
Instructor check ride!
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Rusty Pilot
3 hour AOPA course
February 25
2017 9am-12pm
here at the hangar.
Biennial Flight
Reviews to follow.
12/06/16 Congratulations to our newest
solo pilot, Clay Dunsworth! Clay is a rocket
specialist from Blanchard. Check out his
youtube page here >>
So cool! Way to go Clay!
12/6/2016 New Private Pilot Marshall
Villanueva. Marshall is an OU student from
Austin, TX and did most of his training
there. Jonah Karoki finished him up. Way
to go Marshall.
11/25/16 Congratulations to private
pilot Kevin Tieu! Kevin is from Talequah
and speaks Cantonese and English fluently.
CFI John Jarboe
12/18/16 - Congratulations to Everett
McPhail for earning his Certified Flight
Instructor Certificate. Everett also works
in the office here at Chickasha Wings. Way
to go Everett!
12/13/2016 New MultiEngine
Commercial certificate for Kevin Gildea.
Kevin works at FAA's Civil Aviation
Medical Institute in OKC. Way to go Kevin!
12/8/2016 Congratulate our newest solo
pilot Officer Jason Downs, he is an Police
officer in Duncan, and learning to fly with
CFI Jonah Karoki.
1/9/17 Congratulations to Scott Taylor
for earning his private pilot certificate!
Scott is the owner of Taylor and Sons and
lives here in Chickasha! Way to go Scott!
12/30/16 - Congratulations to Zach
Moffitt for earning his private pilot
certificate! Zach is a dentist from
Norman. Way to go!
Discovery Flights
1/22/17 New private pilot Trey Starr.
Trey completed his check ride today with
John Abcyzinski and CFI John Jarboe.
is a medical consultant and lives in
Norman. Way to go Trey!
1/21/17 -Congratulations to Kevin
Gildea on completing his Commercial
single engine add-on license today. Kevin
is our ground school instructor and works
with the FAA
1/17/17 First Solo for Naif Alfallaj! Naïf
is from Saudi Arabia. His wife is attending
college at Edmond. Way to go Naïf!