Aviation is proof that, given the will, we have the
capacity to achieve the impossible.
- Eddie Rickenbacker
Chickasha Wings, Inc.
Have you ever dreamed about flying
through the beautiful skies of
Oklahoma?  We can make that dream a
reality.  We offer all levels of flight
instruction at an affordable rate. So,
whether you are looking forward to a
career as a pilot or just looking to get
away for the weekend, Chickasha Wings
has you covered!

Come meet our friendly staff and check
out all of the airplanes we offer for
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Call us at
405-224-UFLY (8359)
Chickasha Wings, Inc
2376 Beechcraft Rd
Chickasha, OK
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Flight $109
Find your wings on this 45
minute flight around
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Private Pilot
Ground School
January 3!
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High Altitude
Training @ the
FAA Civil Aerospace
Medical Institute (CAMI)
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9/11/16 New private pilot Chris Ryan
Gorman. Ryan is an A&P mechanic at
AAR in OKC. Cfi Brad Richert did
most of Ryan's training. Way to go
8/24/16 Congratulations to George Gill
for earning his private pilot certificate
today! Way to go George! CFI: Anthony
8/19/16 Kyle Dellinger earned his
multi-engine commercial certificate
today. Kyle is the maintenance officer at
Engineer's Flight Club at Wiley Post.
Way to go Kyle!
10/14/16 - Congratulations to Jonah
Karoki for passing his CFI checkride! Great
job Jonah!
10/5/16 - First solo for the pilot from
down under! Great job Stew Adams!
9/12/16 Congrats to multi-engine
commercial pilot Mike Gasper for passing
his checkride!. Mike works at Tinker and is
interested in building additional multi
engine time. Way to go Mike!
10/31/16 Congrats to new Private Pilot
Stew Adams. Stew is a fireman from
Sidney Australia, and is visiting friends in
Norman, OK. Way to go Stew!
10/14/16 - Congratulations to Jonah
Karoki for passing his CFI checkride! Great
job Jonah!
10/28/16 - Congratulations Vance!
Vance received his single-engine instructor
certificate today!
10/18/16 - Congratulations to Vance
Neely, our latest student to complete his
multi-engine instructor certificate.
Congratulations to our recent solo and Checkride students!
11/12/2016 New Private Pilot Brandon
Tucker! Brandon is from North Carolina and
did most of his training in a Lark
Commander with his Grandpa. He finished
up with us in our Cherokee 140 and CFI
Jonah Karoki.
10/14/16 - Congratulations to Jonah
Karoki for passing his CFI checkride! Great
job Jonah!
11/9/16 - Congratulations to Alex
Lawson for completing his first solo and
Jonah Karoki for sending up his first solo
student! Great work guys!
11/1/16 - Congratulations to Kyle
Dellinger passing his Multi Engine
Instructor check ride!
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Fly over the
Festival of Light!
$40/adults $30/children

Nov. 22 - Dec. 31
Call to schedule:
(405)224-U-FLY (8359)
Take a flight over
Reding Farm - the
largest corn maize
in Oklahoma!
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