Chickasha Wings: Student Photos 2013
10/7/2013 First Solo for Howard
10/15/2013 Rui Jiang completed his
Instrument Rating.
9/29 New Private Pilot Bill Perkins.
9/29 Private Pilot Billy Keck!
8/9 Rex and Colton Davidson both
flew solo for the first time today!
8/9 First Solo for Terri Keck.
7/10 First Solo for Robert January!  He is
stationed at Fort Sill.
7/10/2013 First Solo for Monty Edminsten.  
He is training for Sport Pilot in our
6/27 Pete Taylor first Solo in our Ercoupe.
Pete is building a Zenth CH650.
6/3/2013 - Private Pilot Certificate for Rui
5/22 New Private Jason Bivens.
5/12/13 1st Airplane Solo for Bill Perkins.
5/10 Davien Taylor completed his Private
5/4/13 Rod Chew completed his private
5/4/13 Joe Bennett completed his private
David Howard. First solo 5-3-13.
5/3/13 new private pilot Matthew Watkins.
Joseph Lambert first solo 4-29-13
4/28 ME Rating for Marshall (Brodie)  Hall
4/25 2nd - 1st Solo for CW Detrixhe.
3/20 2nd-1st solo for Davien Taylor.
3/13 First Solo for Matt Luttrell.
3/2 First Solo for Chris Conley!
2/23 First Solo for Monty Wendling.
2/15 First Solo for Rod Chew.
2/14 First solo for Rui Jiang.
2/8 First Solo for Matthew Watkins.
Nicolas Moses completed his instrument
rating on 12/27/2013.
1/2/2014 1st solo for Scott Boyd.
1/2/2014 1st solo for Braden Prewitt.