Chickasha Wings: Student Photos 2014
1/5/2014 First Solo for Chris Feenstra!
1/5/2014 Rui Jiang finished his commercial
certificates today.
7/11 New Private Pilot CW Detrixhe.
12/16.  New Private Pilot Mark Apuna
1/15/2014. First Solo for Levi Bundi.
1/20/2014.  Private Pilot Checkride for Scott
8/15. Private Pilot Mason Bivens
12/16.  New Private Pilot Dlyan Stultz
2/12/14.  Initial Solo for Austin Lovin.
2/16 Greg Hernandez completed his multi engine
commercial certificate in our Apache.
8/18/2014 First Solo for Jessica Kahnk
2/27/2014.  First Solo for Cody Hilliary!.  
3/14/2014 New Private Pilot Steven Webster!
8/19/2014 Multi-Engine Private add-on
certificate for Scott Lee
3/17/2014 Rex Davidson Private Pilot Checkride
3/17/2014 Congratulations to Kellie Barnes for
passing her Commercial Single Engine Add On.
8/30 New Private Pilot Bill Fehmer.
3/20/2014 First Solo for Dylan Stults.
3/22/2014 Colton Davidson completed his
Private Pilot Checkride today.
9/3/2014 First Solo for Alex LaFave
3/22/2014 Scott Sterkel completed his private
pilot checkride
4/12 Harold Leatherman flew solo for the first
time today.
9/7/2014: FAA Private Pilot Certificate for
Ehassn Alsuhibani.
4/25 New Private Pilot Chris Edwards.
4/25 Dusty Dalton Completed his CFI-I certificate
9/23/2014 New Private Pilot Harold Leatherman.
5/30 First Solo for Dale Miller.
6/15 New Private Pilot Alen Pellerin.
10/21 First Solo for Eddie Jacobi!
6/14 New Private Pilot Brian Southard!
6/14 Multi-engine add-on for Ricky High.
11/5. First Solo for Mark Apuna!
6/28 New private pilot Casey Hays.
7/2 New private pilot Braden Prewett!
9/28 Second First Solo for Chris Barber.
7/8. Paul Knight multi-engine add on
7/11/2014 New Private Pilot Chris Conley!
12/16 First Solo for Chris Walsh.