Photos 2015 - Page 2
7/24 Congratulations to Kelly Boatwright on his
initial solo! Kelly owns a gun range in Norman.
Flying back from Oshkosh - 2015
8/15/15: first airplane solo for Bret Hagler. Bret
is an aeronautical engineer with Boeing at
Tinker and has a helicopter private certificate.
Jacob Moore soloed on 9-10-15.
9/15/2015 New Multi Engine Pilot Casey Hays.
Casey operates a land and cattle company near
Velma and recent purchased a twin Cessna 340
9-26-15  Jacob Moore Completed completed
over 80% of his flight training in a single month!
and will be starting Navigator training with USAF  
10/8/2015 New Private Pilot Kelly Boatwright!
Kelly owns and operates a gun range near
Norman OK.
10/24/2015 First solo for Miguel Innurreta!
Miguel is a mechanical engineer at Halliburton in
Duncan and plans to travel to Mexico City.
11/20/15 Arigerson Cardoso completed his
private pilot today. He is an aviation
management student at OU
11/23 New private pilot Eddie Jacobi. Eddie lives
at Lawton.
12/12/2015 New Private Pilot Jeff Barnes. The
ceilings lifted enough today for Jeff to complete
his private pilot in our Cherokee 140. Jeff is an
avionics specialist for Field Aerospace in OKC.