7/22/16 Vance Neely completed his
Multi-engine commercial add-on!
Vance lives in Chandler and works in
the oil and gas industry! Keep up the
good work Vance!
7/19/2016 Jonah Karoki completed his
commercial certificate today with
examiner Jon Abc. Way to go Jonah!
7/16/16 Colton Crowder completed his
unrestricted ATP certificate today. All OK
examiners were booked up and Colton flew
to Kansas for the checkride. Way to go
6-25-2016 New private pilot
Jonathan Cook. Jonathan does HVAC
work at Tinker AFB and learned to fly
with CFI Brad Richert. Way to go
6/20/2016. First solo for Tim Brooks.
Tim maintains vehicles and heavy
equipment for the city of Chickasha.
Way to go Tim!
6/13/16 Jonah Karoki completed his
instrument rating today with examiner
John Abcyzinski. Jonah is an aircraft
mechanic and owns Haiget's, a
restaurant in Edmond! Congrats Jonah!
6/6/16 Cassi Terry earned her private
pilot license. Cassi is an A&P
mechanic here at Chickasha Wings
and plans to continue to Instrument!
Student pilot Ryan Gorman took off on
his first solo 5/3/16!
CFI: Brad Richert
Congratulations Ryan!
4/13/2016 New Multi Engine Pilot
Drew Hamilton! Congratulations Drew!
CFI: Mitch Williams
4/7/16 Congratulations to our newest
solo pilot, Michael Haggerty! Go
Michael! CFI: John Jarboe
3/19/16 New Private Pilot Alex
LaFave. Alex is a mechanical engineer
for Halliburton in Duncan.
Congratulations Alex!
3/2/2016 New Private Pilot Brooke
Farmer. Brooke is studying marketing
at OU and is planning a future in
aviation. Way to go Brooke!
2/19/2016 Brad Richert earned
his multi-engine land rating!
Congratulations Brad!
2/8/2016 Sara Sampson passed
her Private Pilot check ride!
2/6/2016 First Solo for Tony
McGrew!! Tony lives in south
Oklahoma City and is flying with
CFI Brad Richert!
9/11/16 New private pilot Chris Ryan
Gorman. Ryan is an A&P mechanic at
AAR in OKC. Cfi Brad Richert did
most of Ryan's training. Way to go
8/24/16 Congratulations to George Gill
for earning his private pilot certificate
today! Way to go George! CFI: Anthony
8/19/16 Kyle Dellinger earned his
multi-engine commercial certificate
today. Kyle is the maintenance officer at
Engineer's Flight Club at Wiley Post.
Way to go Kyle!
1/30/16 First solo for Cassi Terry.
Cassi is an A&P mechanic from
Amber. Way to go Cassi!
1/15/16 Congratulations to David
Barbee for earning his private
pilot license! David took his check
ride on January 15th.
12/12/2015 New Private Pilot Jeff
Barnes. The ceilings lifted enough
today for Jeff to complete his private
pilot in our Cherokee 140. Jeff is an
avionics specialist for Field Aerospace
in OKC. Way to go Jeff!
Chickasha Wings: Student Photos 2016
Page 2
7/29/16 - Dale Miller is a certified
private pilot! Dale operates construction
equipment in Lawton. Great work, Dale!
7/27/16 - Todd Hanley earned his
private pilot certificate. Todd is
attending A&P school at Metrotech and
operates oil and gas wells. Good job,
7/27/16 Marcus Miller received his
private pilot certificate! Marcus retired
from the military and currently
attends OU! Congratulations Marcus!