C150J, N61251
$105/hr wet
PA-28-160, N5001W
IFR, GNS 430W, $139/hr wet
Tail Wheel Instruction in C140
$139/hr Dual Only
(This price includes instructor)
PA-23-150, N1345P
$225/hr wet, (Multi-engine ratings)
C172, N333AF
IFR, GNS 430W, $139.00/hr wet
PA-28-140, N95BR
$125/hr wet
Red Bird TD2 Basic Aviation
Training Device (Simulator)
$49/hr dual
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For estimated Total Cost by Certificate/Rating:
PA-28-140, N5600U
$125/hr wet
Rental, Instruction & Shop Rates:
Discovery Flight $109/45min,                C150 - $105/hr,      PA28 -140 - $125/hr,        
C172 & PA-28-160 (IFR), $139/hr        PA23 - $225/hr,   
CFI Flt - $44/hr,                                     CFI Gnd - $44/hr,   Shop Rate $75/hr
PA-28-160, N5001W
ASPEN PFD & Serial #2 Placard