June 20 - July 2, 2016
Chickasha Wings Summer Camp 2016
The kids had a great time at our summer camp and we're already looking
forward to next year! Camp included learning to preflight the airplane,
flying, simulator time, kite flying, glider contests, learning about the
phonetic alphabet, aerodynamics of flight, runway diagram and traffic
pattern, certificates/trophies and a pizza party at the end of each camp

This year, camp was available to 1st-8th graders. Younger children took
the morning session, while older children took the afternoon session. Each
session was 3 days, 3hrs/day.
Hope to see you next year!
The kids are learning to preflight the airplane and learning about takeoffs and landings from the simulator!
These kids worked hard and did a great job! Their hard work was acknowledged at the end of each session with a
pizza party, certificates and trophies!
Almost everyone's favorite part: Flying!
Learning about the phonetic alphabet, kite flying and glider contests!
Classroom time: Aerodynamics, weather, the METAR, traffic calls and the traffic pattern