Aviation physiology courses taught at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and participating military
facilities provide essentially the same training. The following topics are covered during the training (listed
in order of presentation):
•Physics of the Atmosphere
•Respiration and Circulation
•Decompression Sickness
•Pressure Equalization Difficulties
•General Aviation Oxygen Equipment
•Altitude Chamber Oxygen Equipment Familiarization
•Altitude Chamber Flight Profile & Flight
•Spatial Disorientation, including demonstrators, if available ◦Gyro Spatial Disorientation Demonstrator
◦Virtual Reality Spatial Disorientation Demonstrator

•One hour is allotted for lunch at approximately noon. Food is available at nearby eating establishments.

Please follow the links for more information:
High altitude Training @ MMAC
(to be announced)
Private pilot ground school
Next Class January 2018
Come sign up and join us! Remember: all repeats and
former ground school students are free!

  • 12-week course - $250
  • Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30
  • Optional Jeppesen kit (includes flight bag and everything
    you'll need for ground school) - $200
  • Private Pilot Textbook
  • Private Pilot
    Maneuvers Manual
  • Private Pilot Airman
    Standards (ACS)
  • Private Pilot FAA
    Practical Test Study
Jeppesen Kit includes:
  • Private Pilot FAA Airmen
    Knowledge Test Guide
  • Private Pilot Pre-solo Written
  • Student CSG Computer (E6B)
  • PN-1 Navigation Plotter
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Student Flight Bag
Pancake BreakfastS
Come join us for pancake breakfast at Thompson Field
hosted by EAA Chapter 98!
Oshkosh 2018
We will be flying to Oshkosh this year!
Anadarko fly-in
Fly-in with the Young Eagles
September 2018
Anadarko Municipal Airport