Chickasha Wings: Student Photos 2015
1/22.CFIs - Brad Richert and Kellie Barnes
2/15.  First Solo for William Sappington
2/16.  First Solo for Chad Haecherl.
3/6.New Private Pilot Joseph Lambert.
3/14.Chris Barber New Private Pilot
3/18. DJ Lyon nitial Solo  
3/20 First solo for David Brush
4/1/15 New Private Pilot Austin Childs.
4/10.  Billy Keck Instrument Rating Checkride
4/15.  Private Pilot DJ Lyon
5/1 First solo Zafar Umar.
4/19.  New multi engine pilot Ed (Tripp) Markwell.
4/21.  Justin Mangum First Solo!
6/6/15 Sean Gunter - Multi Engine
6/6/15 New Private Pilot Nic Reynolds.
6/8/15.  New Private Pilot Terrie Keck.
6/10.  New Private Pilot Chad Haecherl
6/25/2015 Steve Henderson Commercial
7/14. Congratulations to Todd Hanley on his first
solo! Todd is an oilfield pumper and lives here in
7/18/2015 new private pilot Zafar Umar. Umar
operates a computer business in south OKC.
Way to go Umar!